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we are walking in the sky

Composed of three oil works on wood disposed vertically, triptychs become horizontal works.  Frequent in Daniel LeBlond’s art, this layout reflects to some extent a balance between these two dimensions, which are ideally maintained throughout life.  What one does for the heavens has to appear on earth.  What one does on earth has to serve the heavens.  


As in ecstatic contemplation, “Nous marchons sur le ciel” invites the viewer to contemplate the earth from above and to take a look at another world where the categories of time and place disappear.  While the art piece is not figurative, suggestions and evocations are however manifold and defined according to one’s own sensibility. So I distinguish a red face, feminine in appearance, and another in counterpoint, bluish and rather masculine. Both remind me of the coloured angels found in primitive paintings.  At the end of a blue lake, where there floats a glowing form, a clear statue rises as a glorious body.  Majestic arcades seem to belong to a lost cathedral with ribbed arches, reminiscent of the Duomo de Milan.  Emerging from dark foliage, a medieval donjon stands out against a sky that is turning purple.  “Le ciel sur lequel nous marchons” reflects the muted and sumptuous colors of the setting sun.  With gravity no longer existent, that which is below resembles that which is above.

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